Cost optimization

Developing discount strategies 

Offering high-quality language services with affordable costs plays crucial role to claim our position as a language service provider. Most significant source of saving is the repititions within the source texts.

Thanks to the CAT tool technologies, our translators do not translate the repeated segments. Because, all of the translated segments are saved to a translation database (that we created for your company) which will then be authomatically imported as our translator encounters the same segment. We take advantage of discount oppurtunity for repititions not only within a single project, but all the future projects from different departments of your company. Another cost factor is additional editings by independent editors. Needless to say, independent editing is worth to pay in many technical or marketing projects, however this cost factor may be skipped particularly in informative purpose translations. Cost management is also related to vendor management. In our database, there are 4K vendors, offering quality and economy.


Machine Translation engine is also on play. Thanks to the customized translation memories, neural machine translation performance has dramatically improved in the recent years. As long as it is  feasible, machine translation post editing services may be an option for those who are looking for economy.


If you think your translation costs can potentially be reduced, contact us so that we can discuss further.