Project Management

Complete Project Management

Since our foundation in 2002, our understanding has perfectly advanced towards project management. In addition to our standard procedures, we are committed to find creative solutions to unusual problems too. Thanks to our dedicated project managers, the right-match certified translators will be identified, booked and assigned to your projects, considering the particular nature of your industry

Project management is not an extra option, yet essential in most of the translation projects that (a) must be technically accurate and readable such as medical papers, technical manuals, user manuals, safety documents, quality assurance documents, financial and accounting reports, other critical company documentations, etc. (b) will be a part of product such as software, game, multi-media, etc. (c) will be a part of company reputation, marketing and public relations such as website, news, marketing content including catalogues, brochures, etc. (d) will be legal documents such as agreements, proxy, legal papers, etc.

Theory without practice is sterile while practice without theory is blind. Project management is to add value. 

The details of a project management will be depending on the text type (e.g., user manual vs. marketing brochure) and the wants, needs and expectations of the users in a given target locale, among other things. 


Contextual requirements in detail, including but not limited to more granular characteristics of the target audience; target-culture legal or statutory requirements not identified by client; cultural, linguistic and social conventions associated with the medium as well as constraints or restrictions imposed by the medium need to be clarified.


Cumulative effect

Needless to say, cumulative effect plays a very positive role in increasing productivity and quality. A unique serial number is assigned by our system specific to each project so that we can get access to full history of the completed projects. 

Developing discount strategies

Offering high-quality with affordable costs plays a crucial role to claim our position as a language service provider.  If you have a lot of files in various formats, we identify and try the cost-cutting solutions. In many situations, the net content subject to translation may be reduced to more than you might expect with a considerable cost reduction. read more.. 


Let us be your single point of contact to coordinate your multi-language projects.