Meeting of the Working Group on Health MENA Regional Forum

Client: Dignity Danish Institute Against Torture

DIGNITY is headquartered in Denmark, but cooperates with partner organizations in about twenty other countries. Founded in 1982 by doctor Inge Genefke. As one of the first, DIGNITY is focusing on the need for specialized treatment for victims of torture, and DIGNITY (or Rehabilitation and research Center for Torture victims, as it was called back then) became one of the first torture rehabilitation centers in the world.


Dignity Danish Institute Against Torture requirements

Dignity Danish Institute Against Torture requirements has approached us with a testimonial of the satisfied client. Provision of 6 simultaneous English Arabic interpreters and equipment leasing for Meeting of the Working Group on Health MENA Regional Forum for Monitoring of Places of Detention and Prevention of Torture.


Our solution

As we had a strong background in this language couple, we perfectly contracted 2 distinguished English Arabic conference interpreters in Istanbul with strong background in human rights. Furthermore, we booked simultaneous equipment setup consisting of booth, simultaneous equipment, sound system, headphones and table microphones. Reference materials were properly sent to interpreters. Alafranga’s supervisor was present in the event to make sure everything is running on track.


We have received an outstanding feedback from Dignity.