Translation of large bidding documents

Client: United Medical Group

United Medical Group has contacted us for urgent translation of the documents related to the application for bidding. This document was in connection with providing cleaning and similar services to a hospital, and contains some, but minimal hospital related terminology. It was instructed that precise formatting and colouring in the document should remain as in the original.  

Our solution

As per bidding procedure, there are a lot of big documents related to hospital management named as Waste, Telecomms, Security, Reception, Portering, Pest Control, Org Charts, Linen, Helpdesk, General Services, Cleaning Method, Catering, Car Parking.  Turnaround time was tight. Our project manager formed a team of 3 available translators, 1 editor and 1 DTP specialist. Set up of server-tm and term management were completed. Instructions are drafted in accordance with clients expectations. Flow of questions and answers are effectively ensured among all parties. After quality assurance and DTP steps are fully implemented, we delivered complete, accurate, high-quality and on-time translations.


Our client was satisfied with our extraordinary performance.