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Turkish Technical Translation Company

technical -specialized- document and database translation

Translating your technical documents in 38 languages

We provide technical document and XML database translation services by assigning the most relevant project managers, qualified technical translators and reviewers specific to your industry.

Terminology management

Thanks to our internal knowledge accumulation and qualified technical translators having both linguistic skills and industry expertise, we adapt industry-specific (or your special) terminologies to your technical documents.

Technical accuracy and appropriate style preferences

In some cases, source text may have vague or abstract expressions. Only, knowledable expert technical translators can properly cope with such difficulities. Clear stylish language also helps readers of the technical documents. We consider the generally accapted styles that are currently available in most of the relavent technical documents. Your technical documents, at times, may also need to be periodically revised. For this, we are able to house and utilize your archived translation work (translation memories)to achieve consistency in terms of the terminology used throughout all texts translated at different times. Normally, we apply big discounts for repititions.

What "technical translations" refers to?

Technical translation is a type of specialized translation involving the translation of documents produced by technical writers.

For example: including but limited to user manuals, operating manuals, servicing manuals, catalogue (catalog), inventory lists, technical specifications, installation manuals, repair manuals, technical reports, technical data sheets, system requirements, system design, system architecture, test methods, manufacturing standards, quality management system requirements, environmental requirements, safety requirements, information specified in laws or regulations, verification and validation sheets, technical forms, technical measurement papers, patents, technical training materials and so on.

dtp (typesetting)
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Our unique vendor database -with its multi-criteria search function- contains more than 3000 specialized language professionals from 7 continents, competent in a total of in 38 languages.

When it comes to extremely specialized documents, we are aware that the number of true experts may be quite limited. We are open collaborating with our clients’ experts to come up with the correct terminology, use appropriate jargon and edit so that industry readers can quickly grasp the content.

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Thanks to our DTP team, we are able to guarantee timely preparation of document translation projects along with typesetting works to provide complete Turnkey solutions. We support Adobe InDesign®, QuarkXPress®, FrameMaker® etc.

Your technical manuals, brochures, flyers etc. may need to be periodically revised. Thanks to CAT Tools technology, we are able to house and utilize your archived translation work -translation memories- to use in your updated documents. This will both reduce translation costs and improve DTP quality.

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IT technologies improve productivity by helping translation and project management processes. For example, CAT Tools allow us to work on different kinds of file formats, some of which do not originally offer suitable editing environment for translators. CAT Tools also makes it possible to build a bilingual translation database, which produces consistency, both at the project level and throughout the organization.

We have many years of experience in the editing of xml, html and all '< tagged >' format documents. We support major CAT Tools such as SDL Trados 2007, 2009, SDLX, Wordfast, StarTransit, Across, MemoQ, SDL Passalo, Alchemy Catalyst.