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Turkish Translation Localization Company

Alafranga Language Solutions (the ALS) is a company officially registered in Istanbul, that provides multi-language translation and localization services covering the world's most widely used 38+ languages mainly to clients in Europe, the U.S., the Middle East and the Far East. Additionally, the ALS takes advantage of a branch office in Dubai that targets international operations.

Mr. Volkan Guvenc, the founding partner and operations manager, is encircled by highly talented professionals responsible for departmental functions working in a modern office environment.

Corporate global vendor network

Our vendor network has been developing since 2002 based on thousands of projects done so far. We have not created this network in a short while. Our private vendor network has been developing since 2002 based on thousands of projects done so far. We have not created this network in a short while. Our vendors have been registered, classified and rated. Our project managers are able to review the project history of the most appropriate vendors considering the special nature of your requirements.

Global client portfolio

We have advanced over the years with our international clients who made us scalable, flexible and upfront to the new challenges that we have started to globally experience together with 21. Century.

Operational Know-How

Our flexible working model is based on technology-backed systems and processes as follows:
  • contracting process
  • vendor selection process
  • file admin system
  • project management
  • terminology management
  • quality management system
  • feedback admin module

    And therefore,

  • ]Project Open[ workflow powered by EN15038
  • smart technologies
    + computer assisted translation tools
    + file-based or server-based TMs
    + quality assurance tools
  • proprietary feedback management module
  • proprietary global vendor management software

Service Capacity

Our flexible service capacity is based on the effective coordination of in-house project managers along with a netwok of 4,100+ vendors classified according to their selection criteria. Also, we take advantage of upfront digital technologies and our project management know-how. Our vendor database admin is internally designed and represents a great corporate achievement by allowing us to match the truly competent vendors to the specific nature of your projects.

When it comes to large scale projects, this allows us to flexibly combine new teams to be selected specific to your project as and when necessary.

Multi-language capacity and capabilities

Although when we first started our primary language couple was Turkish and English, since than we have gradually extended our language range in order to support the languages of culturally and geographically neighbouring countries.

In the multi-language projects, we support 38 languages as follows:

English into/from German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Russian, Bulgarian, Estonian, Latvian, Slovenian, Albanian, Czech, Slovakian, Polish, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Macedonian, Romanian, Maltese, Hindi, Arabic, Farsi, Kurdish, Greek, Hebrew, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Turkish and Turkic-languages including Kazakh, Uzbek, Turcoman, Kyrgyzstani and Azeri.

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