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Turkish Medical Translation Company
medical or medico-technical document translation
Translating your medical or medico-technical documents

We offer professional medical translation services in 38 languages by assigning the most relevant project managers, expert medical translators and reviewers specific to your medical or medico-technical documents.

Terminology management

Thanks to our internal knowledge accumulation and country-in medical translators having both linguistic skill and medical expertise, we will be able to adapt appropriate medical or medico-technical terminologies to your medical translations.

Medical accuracy and appropriate style preferences

In some cases, source text may have vague or abstract expressions. Only, knowledgeable expert medical translators can properly cope with such difficulties. Clear stylish language also helps readers of the medical documents. We consider the generally accepted styles that are currently available in most of the relevant medical documents.

Quality Assurance and DTP

Based on the nature of your medical documents, we pay great attention when dealing with values, figures, digits, symbols, icons, equations and scientific terms to avoid possible errors and we make sure that you receive your translated documents in a layout that truly reflects the original document. As medical texts are often aligned with supporting values, illustrations, graphics, tables and diagrams, this may require that translation services be packed with Desk Top Publishing services. Our DTP team finalizes all services rendered in conformity with our translation team.

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Fast developing life sciences industry

In the last 20 years, parallel to the developments in medicine, pharmacology, bio-chemistry, genetic sciences and medical devices in the world, a huge amount of health investments have been made in many countries. Because of the nature of the Internet, we anticipate that there will be even larger investments in the field of medicine in the near future. There are many well-established healthcare and pharmaceutical companies worldwide while many others are preparing to enter the market. Also, many countries harbour hard-working faculties of medicines and research hospitals where important scientific studies are carried out and findings are shared with the rest of the world.

We support you in your medical translations

Included but not limited to medical documents that we can safely handle cover software for medical and laboratory use, description and use of surgical and other medical instruments and devices, clinical studies/trials, pharmaceutical guidelines, informed consent forms, dosage and use instructions, specifications of product characteristics, adverse events reports, consultation records, health insurance submissions, patient information leaflets, package inserts, medical reports, genetic studies, oncology, genetics, ophthalmology, obesity, studies in pharmacology, imaging reports, autopsy reports, laboratory tests, emergency room reports, epicrisis and anamnesis.