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Turkish Legal Translation Company
business and legal documents
Translating your business and legal documents

We provide multi-language business and legal document translation services in 38 languages by assigning the most relevant project managers, sworn-in translators and reviewers specific to your requirements.

We are also fully equipped to handle translations of documents - hardcopy or softcopy - coming from different functional departments within companies, such as production, accounting, finance, human resources, public resources, research and development, quality assurance, safety, logistics and transportation.

Legal and business translations may vary in kind, but mostly cover law (general), contract, agreement, covenant, articles of association, charter, authorized signatory list, Official Gazette, patents, trademarks, copyright, taxation & customs, EU regulations, regulations, business/commerce (general), finance (general), banking, insurance, investment, securities, economics, government, politics, accounting, advertising, PR, HR, quality, safety and logistics.

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Sworn-in legal translators and authentication

In all legal translations, translators assigned to your job will be selected from among certified legal translators. These translators are fully knowledgeable in basic legal principles, concepts, terminology and procedures. One of the most significant challenges that legal translators face nowadays is to select correct legal terminology.

We also provide authentication (Notarisation or Legalisation) services for your official documentations to be presented to Turkish authorities. Notarization costs will be fixed only after examination of full document set by Notary Public.

Legal accuracy and style preferences

In some cases, source legal text may have vague or abstract expressions. Only, knowledgeable expert legal translators can properly cope with such difficulties. Clear stylish language also helps readers of the legal documents. We consider the generally accepted styles that are currently available in most of the relevant legal documents.

We pay utmost attention to correct contextual interpretation of articles, article numbers, code names and references. Please note that this service may need to be bundled with notarization service as appropriate.

Terminology management

Thanks to our internal knowledge accumulation and country-in business/legal translators having both language and business/legal expertise, we will be able to adapt appropriate terminologies to your business/legal translations, if you cannot provide us any preferred terminology list.

Our references in the business and legal field

HSBC, IngBank, Bank Vontobel AG, WesLB, YapiKredi Group, Is Bankasi, Akbank, Bizim Securities, Legal Department of Ulker Group, Mizan Law Office, Nippon Insurance, Dari Financial Leasing and many more are included within our list of references.

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